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Abstract: This article is intended to alert readers to potential criminal law issues in real estate transactions. The conditions of crisis - on the one hand, and frequent investments in real estate - on the other, reveal an increase in crimes related to illegal acquisition of real estate. In order to avoid illegal encroachments in real estate transactions, the article aims to examine some cases of criminal structures under the Criminal Code of the Republic of Bulgaria, which could be applied to illegal real estate transactions, how the consumer can protect his right of property before the court under criminal law. In order to understand the protection of property through the norms of the criminal law, the elements of the compositions applicable to real estate transactions will be briefly developed. The theoretical statements will be illustrated with case studies from practice, the decisions based on which the basic principle understandings in the application of the criminal defense under the relevant criminal composition have been established.

Key words: Criminal low; crimes related to illegal acquisition of real estate; protection of property; theory illustrated with practice.

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