Калоян Димитров

Abstract: The business world nowadays is a diverse place. In this complex context for effective labor relations, the issues related to attracting and retaining young talents are part of the activities and management decisions of the business management of these companies. The competition for the best talent in the industry seems to be fierce, precisely because 'talent' is essential to organizational performance and business success in general. The research problem of this article was related to the need to address the shortage of young talented employees in real estate and ways to solve critical talent problems for these companies. The main purpose of this article is to justify attracting and retaining young talent in real estate companies. The object of research is the management of talent in real estate companies, and the subject of the approach is to attract the right young talents in these companies. To achieve this goal, the author sets and performs the following research tasks: to review the existing specialized literature on talent management in real estate; to describe the processes for attracting and retaining talent in real estate companies; to provide guidance on the importance of talent management for practicing real estate managers.

Key words: real estate company; employee relations, talent management; young talent; generation Z.

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