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Abstract: Creating a company is only the first and not the most difficult stage of its life cycle. Establishing it in today's dynamic, global and highly competitive market is a much more difficult and time-consuming process. Providing favorable conditions for growth and development is an indisputable and extremely important factor for each stage of the life cycle of any company. These conditions must be both internal to the company and external or this is the socalled. an environment in which each company operates during its existence. In his economic theory, Karl Marx raised the question of the importance of the environment with "…. being determines consciousness ..." and this definition in its various interpretations is decisive for every sphere of human consciousness and existence, incl. and the economic one. That is why building the right business environment is crucial for success and growth at both micro and macro levels. The purpose of this article is to trace the theoretical and applied aspects and the importance of innovation-based business incubators for the development of companies in the sectors and subsectors related to the construction and management of real estate. How traditional business incubators can become innovative and sector-specific in order to achieve better concentration and focus on providing specific services inherent in real estate construction and management companies is a question that can improve the overall sector. Of interest is the presence or degree of construction of such structures in Bulgaria. Undoubtedly, the opinion of those employed in the industry will be essential - whether such a type of structure, an element of the environment for innovation and business would be beneficial for corporate growth and sectoral economic development.

Key words: Innovation; Incubator; Real estate; Growth.

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