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Abstract: This article aims to analyze the investment property market and in particular construction, sale and rental of office spaces in Sofia, characterized by a steady growth rate over the past few years. The data until 2019 reveal demand from tenants, as well as from investors with interest to develop branches in Bulgaria and from those wishing to increase the areas they manage so far. The global coronavirus pandemic has put the sector to a severe test, which has yet to be analyzed to what extent has slowed its development. In the created new reality, companies had to switch to remote or hybrid forms of work. The last year has inevitably had a negative impact on office real estate deals, which this article will track, summarize and compare with the last three successful years for the sector, so as to highlight some of the negatives accumulated in 2020. It will also look at some of the precautions that companies need to take so as to keep their employees working from the offices. Will be revised some of the opportunities that technology provides for working in an electronic environment.

Key words: investment property market; office real estate; innovative offices; occupational health and safety

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