Димитър Благоев

Abstract: Innovative companies are traditionally characterized by particularly strong research interest. Globally, they are defined as a factor for the growth of national economies and an engine of scientific and technical progress. Innovative companies differ significantly in the way they innovate and the types of innovations they generate and implement. Comparing them with non-innovative companies in a way and type of growth shows significant differences and specific features. In This direction, an up-to-date topic for research is the study of the types of innovations and the types of growth that innovative companies rely on, comparing them with other companies in the national economy and the potential functional dependencies that Based on their growth. The subject of research in the article is innovative companies, distinguished by basic criteria (size, sector affiliation, degree of innovation). The research is based on the type of growth typical for different types of innovative companies and its dynamic functional change over the time. The main objective is to identify a typical or most common type of growth that is characteristic of innovative companies, the factors that make it possible, the advantages it brings and the difficulties and obstacles that innovative companies have placed in its achieve. For the purpose of the study, methods such as: historical retrospective analysis, literary exploratory selection of relevant literary sources and synthesis of key information from them, functional analysis, etc. will be used. 

Key words: Innovations, Enterprise, Growth, Economics

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