Мария Димитрова

Abstract: The proper creation and management of the human force is key process in the dynamic environment of the global economy, where companies are developing in different sectors and especially in real estate business. Any organization that wants to achieve its goals and to follows the set up tasks, it must pay the necessary attention and resources to the unique component of its structure – the employees and their proper recruitment as the choice of the right team is the first step to success. The purpose of this process is to provide the company with the necessary knowledgeable staff with proper skills and
qualities and to ensure the movement of personnel to the organization and hired people whose abilities and capabilities meet the requirements of the workplaces. The modernization of company processes is a competitive advantage as a result of which the standard sources of candidates for vacant job positions, the main methods of assessing the received applications such as interviews and tests, retain their importance and their place in the process of forming human resources, but to them the "giant" that has entered our everyday life, and only recently in our professional life – social networks – is also joining. As a source of candidates and a tool during staff selection, they are turning into the future in the formation of one of the most important assets of the company – human resources.

Key words: social media, human resources, human resource management, recruitment, selection

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